Welcome to the “TheAnonymousArchitect” web site

TheAnonymousArchitect enterprise is dedicated to Enterprise Architecture from a Zachman Framework viewpoint. (www.zifa.com)

Why? Because our experience tells us that “Enterprise Architecture is the complete organization of the Body of knowledge of the Enterprise ” is the unique definition of Enterprise Architecture that assures improvement and helps us to walk in the right direction.

In the traditional architecture (buildings), the architect has a well defined role in the construction of the building, and the blueprints are essentials. In enterprise architecture we are defining right now what an enterprise architect is and how a blueprint of their enterprise needs to be. And the real enterprise architects are anonymous and the knowledge is generally not properly documented in their organization.

If the architect is anonymous and the knowledge is not explicit, this does not mean that neither the knowledge nor the architect does exist, it only means that:

  • The architect is anonymous and the people are taking decisions without him/her …
  • The knowledge is implicit and the people are doing assumptions about it…